Sunday, May 10, 2015

Drivers regulations from 1928
Just in case you cant read them:

Clovelly Estate
Regulations for Donkey Drivers
  1. Two Donkeys only per owner allowed to ply for hire
  2. No  more than four Donkeys to be on the rank at one time. All other Donkeys to be kept in the shed       
  3. No person weighing more than 9 stones 8 pounds is to be carried up the street, and on no account must Donkeys be used for carrying passengers (except cripples and invalids) down the street. If there is any doubt as to a person’s weight, the Donkey driver is responsible for seeing that use is made of the weighing machine kept for this purpose.
  4. Proper attention must be paid to the watering and feeding of the Donkeys. Girths to be kept loose until the Donkey is actually hired. 
  5. No Donkey driver to ply for hire unless licensed by the Estate. Number badges for the Donkeys, issued by the Estate, must be worn on the front of the bridle. 
  6. The Donkey shed and stand to be kept clean and sanitary. 
  7. No driver to be in charge of more than two Donkeys, which must be led on the return journey. 
  8. The attention of drivers is drawn to the following regulation made by the Rural District Council: “Any Donkeys proceeding with passengers beyond the fountain must then return to the shed by way of the Turnpike Road”.  
  9.  Owners of Donkeys plying for hire will be required to pay the Clovelly Estate the sum of ten shillings per annum for each Donkey; the first payment to be at Michaelmas 1928.
Estate Office, Clovelly   
23rd July 1928

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